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The main collection with shorts shot in Australia, Quebec, Madagascar, France, Belgium, Russia, Sweden and the USA. Most were created and screened in 24 to 96 hours for Kino Kabaret non-commercial, collaborative events. It's all very spontaneous, fun, creative and weird. Films can be downloaded in HD and a SD file can be played from the site. The Score represents which films I suggest to see first and then explore further when you get a feel for it.  


One woman will not be able to renew a subscription to an essential service. Her friend is ready to do anything to help her.

2019   |   Running time: 00:03:00   |   Score: 8
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Closing sale
There's cheap flight tickets on sale to go to an event not to be missed but does that event need to be experienced live? A couple can't really agree on this.
2018   |   Running time: 00:05:46   |   Score: 6
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6 groups of people in 6 different locations will each experience something strange and potentially distressing with their clothes.
2016   |   Running time: 00:11:41   |   Score: 9
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Naataplawuqatsi; Life as Play
Naataplawuqatsi is about life and civilization. It could be about our lives or it could be about the ones in a game.
2016   |   Running time: 00:07:00   |   Score: 6
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Two malagasy are in a bar spending too much on beer to meet good looking girls who are preferring vazaha men.
2013   |   Running time: 00:05:00   |   Score: 8
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The attraction of the masses
A man and a woman talk about love and death in front of the magnificent view they have. Is there attraction between them?
2011   |   Running time: 00:04:08   |   Score: 9
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Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows
A 32 minutes sci-fi comedy movie based on Shadowrun the RPG. Action, gore, geek jokes, special FX and 20 friends.
2008   |   Running time: 00:32:12   |   Score: 8
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A man is a book room full of unidentified books. He has to piece the whole story together.
2017   |   Running time: 00:05:45   |   Score: 8
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A red-light camera is catching all infractions from a busy intersection but gets bored after a while and tries to go beyond its assigned intersection and tasks to find more infractions.
2016   |   Running time: 00:06:01   |   Score: 5
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Water disaster
In the near future, the battle for water is ending in Shawinigan. Watch the trailer for this classic VHS action movie from the 90's.
2014   |   Running time: 00:03:16   |   Score: 7
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Quad diamond
Somewhere there's a quadruple diamond ski trail. This really must be for experts, unless it's something truly different.
2013   |   Running time: 00:02:57   |   Score: 9
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Outer Space
Music video for Those Damn Kookies single "Outer Space" from their new album "Traffic Noise". The 50s are back!
2010   |   Running time: 00:02:26   |   Score: 8
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