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- Who are you?
Olivier Bonenfant most of the time. My portfolio is located there.

- When was this site created?
In 2002-2003. I was seeing too big at the time, had a lot of free time and was hoping to publish the videos of a lot of people. That was before the Youtube era and now we all can see how it's not a need anymore. I'm focused on showing my stuff only.

- So, you're alone?
No, not at all (well a bit). Right now, collaborators are mostly friends, roommates and contacts forming what SynapticTV is today; a continuation of myself producing short films mostly for fun.

- I see mistakes, is that english?
Tell me here if there's something wrong, like mistakes everywhere.

- What does SynapticTV stand for?
TV means television (yeah, really!). Synaptic was taken from the original name SynapticOrgasm.com, meaning that if you watch the videos, you'll have synaptic orgasms (yeah nah). I thought it was a shitty concept and cut that part. You can still find some videos with Synaptic Orgasm Entertainment in the credits. Strangely, www.synapticorgasm.com is still a site I own and blog on.

- What are your inspirations?
It's been so long that all my inspirations are dead; blumpy org (dead), ifilm.com (sold/dead), onetrick.net (not in use), cloud10 org (dead), zilo.com (nope).

- Why random stuff in one site?
Ages ago in 2004 I wanted the site to be a multimedia environment, in the way that we can find here a lot of different themes and activities. A virtual multimedia ecosystem. I had a ton of shit to publish too. Most of it is gone but the short films stays.

- Could you put a link to my site?
Okay, send your URL by email or, better there's a 307px / 60 px space in the interface waiting to be loaded with a link. Banner exchange, money, anything good will be considered.

- The terms of service are complicated, it seems that only criminals and big corporations are making terms of service?
No, we know it's agressive bla bla, but no one will be able to say to us that it wasn't written anywhere. For the common user, it's useless, it's not like we were a software company and we wanted to steal your house the weekends as written in our user agreement. Click here for the terms of service.

- Do you know how to write or speak English?
Geographical situation: Quebec has about 7 million population, the city of Montreal and the suburbs contain about 4 millions of them and it's about the only urban region in Quebec (Quebec city is too sweet to be called an urban region, haha). I would say that roughly 60% of Montrealers are french and so speaking only french is somewhat normal. Especially if you aren't born in Montreal. In rural Quebec, probably 98% of people speak french as a first language. So, there I am, born in rural Quebec in a small village of 3000 population.
I know Engrish!

- Which camera do you use?
At first it was my sweet Sony Digital 8 TRV250 that cost $550 in 2003. No lighting kit: only ideas and lots of post production in Premiere and After-Effects. I rented one time a Panasonic DVX100b for the shooting of The Action Movie and the results were incredibly superior. I got a loan and bought a used Panasonic DVX100a. In 2011 I got the Canon T2i/550D for the HD capabilities. In 2015 I upgraded to simple 4K with the Panasonic GX8 and finally in 2019 I got the Panasonic GH5s for the 10bit colours and vlog for increased dynamic range.

- What program do you edit in?
See last question.

- How are your shootings?
it depends, it can be prepared and enhanced by a 100 hours+ post production or something improvised and shot in 2 hours that I try to salvage using heavy post. That said, I don't like shooting ordinary stuff; I fall often into exaggeration.
- FAQ what does it means?

It means frequently asked questions!

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